Frequently Asked Questions

and Answers...

Are you really Australian?

Fair Dinkum Mate!

What happens to our booking if it rains?

Nothing at all, the booking will still go ahead as planned. We travel with our own mini marquee so are completely weather proof. We also have a couple of larger marquees that can be hired at short notice if necessary.

Can you supply china plates etc. as my function is quite formal?

Yes we have our own white china plates and stainless steel knives and forks which can be hired from us and include dirty return so you don’t even have to wash up!

How long does a whole pig take to cook?

Roughly 8 hours. We hand turn the roasting pig in order to make sure that most of the fat drains away, giving our customers the best possible result.

Can you still cater for us in the winter months?

WINTER! No worries! Marquees and heaters can be made available to party away those winter blues.

Is there a maximum number of people you can cater for?

Basically NO. We have no upper limit and the largest number of people so far has been 650 at the annual Leukaemia Bikeathon at Chelsea Hospital.

How much room will you need?

Depending on your catering needs we usually allow 3sq metres. This is the size of our mini marquee.

Do you need any power to operate?

 We only ever need power for the lights at evening venues and for this we have extension cables which can easily run from the nearest supply.

What are your access requirements?

We need a 1 metre gateway width in order to get our spit roasting unit into your garden/venue. We always check this and will carry out a site inspection if necessary.

What special services can be recommended for wedding and formal functions?

We are very pleased to have many partner services which we are happy to recommend. These include; photographers, marquee companies, DJ and bands, bars and wedding planners.

What is the difference between the Bonza BBQ Buffet and the Fair Dinkum BBQ?

The Bonza BBQ Buffet is part of our buffet range of menus.
This menu gives 4 choices of meat and 4 choices of salads and includes; disposable crockery and cutlery + staff to clear, although you can upgrade to china crockery and stainless cutlery with staff to clear and wash. Price on request.
We recommend seating to be arranged for this range of buffet menus and it is often used for private parties, more formal corporate events, weddings and after show parties.

The Fair Dinkum BBQ is one of our casual dining range of menus.
This menu is designed with ease in mind, with a choice of BBQ meats served in a roll with a salad garnish.
It is often used for evening parties, receptions, trade shows and anywhere where you would like your guests to wander around with a beer in one hand and an delicious steakwich in the other.

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